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KTM 250 and 300 

Top End Kits by Andrew and Laurie Cooksey   

Pricing Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping in Continental USA!

Sample 300 XCW kit (2016) shown...


Optional PV orings and screws for 250 / 300, $16.00...

Optional EZ Install clips for Vertex pistons: 

2006 - Current year KTM 250 and 2004 - Current KTM 300

ADD $16.00...

250 & 300 "CARB" & "TPI" KITS 

250 and 300 kits include: 

Vertex double ring Piston Kit Size "B" (piston, rings, pin, clips)
Base gasket (choose .2mm or .25 or .4 or .5 or .75)
Inner and outer head o-rings,
Viton exhaust o-rings, right and left side PV gaskets.
Includes top wrist pin bearing.


250 kit:  $199  (2000 to current year model, including XCW-TPI)

300 kit:  $228 (2004 to current year model, including XCW-TPI)

To order the OPTIONAL (but recommended!) EZ install clips,

add $16.00  Note, EZ clips are ONLY for the Vertex pistons.


To order OPTIONAL 8 Power Valve orings  add $16.00


NOTE:  We have the Vertex "A" size piston kits (only needed for freshly replated cylinders) for the 250 and 300.

To order...

Simply send PayPal to

Kit will arrive at your door
in 2-3 days!!!!!!!!!


Call or email to discuss other payment options...
Andrew Cooksey

(email is best)

214-850-5620 cell


Please note the year & model of your bike in your PayPal or email!

The proper o-rings and gaskets will be shipped

for your specific year model!

Optional Power Valve Oring Kit  ADD $16.00

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