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KTM Brake pads: 125 - 300 2 Strokes, 2004 - Current

REAR Brake pads

EBC FA368X (Carbon) $29.00

EBC FA368S (Metallic) $32.00

Magnum Carbon $14.00

Magnum Metallic $17.00

FRONT Brake pads

EBC FA181X (Carbon) $29.00

EBC FA181S (Carbon) $30.00

Magnum Carbon $14.00

Magnum Metallic $17.00

To order...

Simply add up the amounts and

send a PayPal to:


Please specify products desired in notes section of your PayPal. 

Package will arrive at your door
in 2-3 days!!!!!!!!!


Call or email to discuss...
Andrew Cooksey
214-850-5620 cell

(email is best)

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