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Cometic Clutch Cover Gasket for 2004 thru 2016 

KTM 250/300 - All pricing on this page includes shipping
Cometic clutch cover gasket for the 2004 thru 2016 KTM 250/300 two stroke engines. This gasket replaces OEM gasket 54830024000, which retails for $21.06.  This gasket installs between the right side engine case half, and the large clutch cover.


This gasket is a significant improvement over the KTM OEM gasket.  The OEM is a paper gasket and the Cometic is stamped from an aluminum sheet and has a black elastomeric coating on both sides to enhance sealing.


To purchase, for USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), simply send a PayPal payment to me at:    for…


$21.50   for one gasket
$39.00   for two gaskets
$58.00   for three gaskets
$76.00   for four gaskets


If you have any questions,

email us at
THANKS, Andrew and Laurie Cooksey

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