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KTM 125  (2001 - 2015) Top End Kits by Andrew and Laurie Cooksey   

Pricing Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping in Continental USA!!!




125 (2001 - 2015) $174 - kit includes:
Vertex double ring Piston Kit Size "B" (piston, rings, pin, clips) 

Base gasket (choose  .2mm or .25 or.4 or .5, or .75)
Inner and outer head o-rings, intermediate gasket,
Viton exhaust o-rings, top wrist pin bearing.

125 kit:     $174  (2001 - 2015) 

To order...

Simply send PayPal to

Kit will arrive at your door
in 2-3 days!!!!!!!!!


Call or email to discuss...
Andrew Cooksey
214-850-5620 cell

(email is best)


Please note the year and model of your bike in either your paypal or email.

The proper o-rings and gaskets will be shipped for your particular year model!

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